WeGee Vendor Agreement

WeGee Vendor Agreement

Party A: WeGee.us commercial tenants

Party B: WeGee.us

The agreement for commercial tenants (the e-commerce) joining the platform is made by and between Party A and Party B in the principle of “reciprocity and mutual benefit”.


The following terms should have the following meanings in this agreement unless otherwise explicitly specified:

1. The e- platform [WeGee.us]: it is an online shopping technical service platform developed by Party B. It is one of Party B’s important projects.

2. Charge for using the online store: it refers to the condition that Party B shall charge at the rate of 15% (may be changed) of the sales volume if Party A uses (the e-commerce) online shopping mall developed by Party B.

3. Online payment for sales: it refers to the payment for sales paid by buyers of Party A’s wegee.us, an online payment application.

I. Duration of agreement,

Party A and Party B shall abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement hereof. The agreement shall be renewed and continue being effective in case that none of the following violations is conducted (such as uploading illegal and counterfeited products, infringing consumers’ legal rights, failing to provide effective service, etc.). Party A can exit this agreement and close the online store by submitting request to us

II. Party A’s Rights and Obligations

1. Party A shall have the right to request Party B to offer stable technical service within the duration of the agreement, and request Party B to offer online store technologies, uploading of product pictures and price, uploading of operation philosophy and distinctive culture related to the products and other services; Party A shall have the right to own (the e-commerce) store and use the online shopping mall;

2. Party A shall provide its qualifications, such as taxpayer identification number, No. of driving license/company name/name of physical store and contacts, etc. prior to starting the service.

3. Party A shall open an online store at (the e-commerce) online shopping mall by using the online store management system offered by Party B in line with Party B’s requirements. Party A shall release and manage commodity information as approved by Party B.

4. Party A shall ensure that its commodity information at (the e-commerce) online shopping mall is legal, authentic and accurate and ensure that the products are qualified. Any dispute over Party A’s improper commodity information shall be settled by Party A. In case of any loss to Party B therefrom, Party A shall compensate for such loss.

5. Party A shall be obligated to offer after-sales service for the commodities sold.

6. Party A shall be obligated to pay Party B online management fee equivalent to 15% of each product sale. Such online management fee shall be used for Party B’s online system development and popularization of platform technologies.

7. Party A shall ensure that the retail price of its products sold on (the e-commerce) shall not be higher than the price in a physical store; otherwise Party B shall have the right to delete or refuse to release the information of such commodity.

8. Party A shall ensure that it only officially sells the products on Party B’s e-commerce platform in North America, and use the online store in WeGee.us as Online Official Store.  

III. Party B’s Rights and Obligations

1. Party B shall be responsible for constructing, maintaining, operating and managing the online shopping mall to provide technical services as specified in the agreement for the commodity information and commodities released by Party A at Party B’s online shopping mall.

2. Party B shall be responsible for offering technical services as specified in the agreement hereof, and all the matters related to commodity selling (such as delivering products, maintenance, quality assurance, changing or refunding, etc.) shall be borne by Party A.

3. Party B shall provide a stable online store for Party A, popularize  (the e-commerce) online shopping mall on the whole to make the shopping mall more well-known, and maintain and manage WeGee shopping mall free of charge.

4. Party B shall have the right to review Party A’s commodity information. Moreover, Party B shall have the right to request Party A to amend Party A’s commodity information which is inconsistent with laws and regulations or which Party B have every reason to believe will have an adverse impact once released. Party B shall also have the right to delete or refuse to release such information.

5. Party B can assist Party A to offer delivery service to buyers, thus ensuring delivery time and good service. Also, Party B shall assist Party A to settle the dispute(s) with buyer(s) over delivery time and service. Nevertheless, in case of any loss caused by Party A’s product quality, Party A shall compensate.

6. The buyers shall pay all online payment for sales to Party B’s platform, and Party B shall pay to Party A every 30 days as the case may be, or Party B may submit withdrawal request at the store account.

IV. Miscellaneous

1. The agreement shall come into effect as of the agreed this terms, upon which Party A shall become an allied commercial tenant of Party B, and Party A shall enjoy dual profits from both popularization and selling.

2. Party B shall have the right to dissolve the contract with a party A that fails to abide by the provisions of returning goods unconditionally. In case that Party A violates the regulations of national policy or regulators amid business at Party B’s online shopping mall, Party B shall have the right to terminate the contract in advance. In case that Party A violates the provisions of the contract hereof, Party B shall have the right to cancel Party A’s right of using the online store.

3. To ensure normal operation of the website, Party B needs to shut down the website to maintain it on a regular or irregular basis. In case that Party B’s fulfilment of the agreement hereof is affected thereby, Party A shall forgive. Party B shall minimize the adverse influence therefrom as far as possible.

4. In case that either party suffers force majeure, such party can suspend the fulfillment of the agreement hereof without bearing the liabilities for breach of contract until the force majeure is eliminated. Nevertheless, such party shall overcome the force majeure as far as possible to ease the adverse influence therefrom. 

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