Legal Statement

法律声明(Legal Statement)


WeGee reminds you that: Before you use the services of WeGee Platform, be sure to prudently read and carefully understand this Statement. If you have any doubt about this Statement, you may consult the customer service personnel of WeGee Platform. If you do not agree to this Statement or any contents of this Statement after you read it, you’d better stop registration immediately. If you use the services of WeGee Platform in any way, you will be deemed to have accepted all contents of this Statement.


WeGee Platform: refers to and its clients.


一、知识产权归属(Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights)

Unless otherwise stated by WeGee, all intellectual property rights (including but without limitation to copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret) and related rights in, of, and to all products, technology, software, programs, data and other information (including but without limitation to words, images, pictures, photos, audios, videos, charts, colors, layout and electronic file) within WeGee Platform are vested in WeGee or its affiliated companies. Without the consent of WeGee, no one is permitted to use (including but without limitation to copy, transmit, display, mirror, upload and download) the said information.

Logo, “WeGee”, and other words, graphics and combination of words and graphics as well as other logos, marks, product names and service names within WeGee Platform are all trademarks of WeGee and its affiliated companies in United States and other countries. Without written authorization of WeGee, no one may display, use or otherwise dispose of any of the said trademarks in any way. Furthermore, even if any party is entitled to display, use or otherwise dispose of any of the said trademarks, the party may not disclose its right to any other person.

二、责任限制(Limitation on Liability)

Whereas the services provided by WeGee Platform are of the nature of bulletin board system (BBS), all information on shops and commodities on WeGee Platform (including but without limitation to names of shops, names of companies, liaisons and contact information, product description and specification, pictures and videos) are provided by members and uploaded by WeGee, members shall assume legal responsibility for the said information.

WeGee Platform carries works (including contents on forum) for the purpose of transferring more information, which does not mean that WeGee agrees with the viewpoints in the works or has confirmed the trueness of the contents of the works.

三、知识产权保护(Protection of Intellectual Property Rights)

WeGee respects intellectual property rights and opposes any act of infringement and pirating. If a holder of intellectual property rights thinks that any content on WeGee Platform (including but without limitation to commodity information released by any member of WeGee Platform) may infringe any of his/her legitimate rights and benefits, he/she may send a written notice by email ( After receiving the notice, WeGee will deal with such issue in time.


WeGee (hereinafter referred to “We”) very respects and strictly protect the personal information of the users. When you use the services of WeGee Platform, we will collect, use and share your personal information according to this Policy. This Policy contains terms and conditions on how we collect, store, use, share and protect your personal information. Through this Policy, we wish to clearly introduce to you how we deal with your personal information. Therefore, we advise you to read this Policy completely to understand the means of protecting your privacy right. If you have any doubt about this Policy, you’re welcome to contact us through the means of contact published on WeGee Platform. If you do not agree to any contents of this Policy, you’d better stop using the services of WeGee Platform immediately. If you use the services of WeGee Platform in any way, you will be deemed to have agreed that we could use and protect your personal information according to this Policy.

一、适用范围(Scope of Application)

To provide the users with better, higher-quality, more personalized services is our persistent pursuit. We also wish to provide more conveniences to your life through our services. This Policy is applicable to all services provided by WeGee Platform. When you visit WeGee Platform and/or log on any client concerned to use the services of WeGee Platform, this Policy will apply.

Especially, this Policy is not applicable to any services provided by any third party to you. For example, when any seller on WeGee provides services to you through WeGee Platform, any information provided by you to the seller is not governed by this Policy.

二、我们如何收集信息(How We Collect Information)

We collect information in order to provide you with better, higher-quality, and more personalized services. We collect information by the following means:

1. Information provided by you to us The information you fill in and/or submit when you register an account of WeGee or use the services of WeGee Platform, including your name, sex, date of birth, SSN, telephone number, email, address, Paypal account and additional information (such as the state and city you’re in, zip code, etc.) .

2. Information collected by us when you use the service of WeGee Platform. In order to provide you with the services required by you and optimize such services, we will collect information concerning the services you are using, which includes:

When you use the services of WeGee Platform or visit the web pages of WeGee Platform, WeGee will automatically receive and record the information on your browser and computer, including but without limitation to your IP address, the type of the browser, the language used, date and time of visit, information on characteristics of software and hardware and records on the web pages required by you; when you download or use any client software of WeGee or any of its affiliated companies, or access to mobile web pages to use the services of WeGee Platform, WeGee may read information related to your position and the mobile equipment you’re using, including but without limitation to model of equipment, identification code of equipment, operating system, resolution and telecom operator.

In addition to the information above, we may collect any other information about you in order to provide services to you and improve our service quality, including any information provided by you to our customer service team, your answers to our questionnaire, and any information collected by us when you interact with any affiliated company or partner of WeGee. Meanwhile, in order to improve safety when you use the services of WeGee Platform, prevent any phishing website from fraud more accurately, and block Trojan, we may judge the risk of your account by knowing your habit of accessing to web and information on software commonly used by you, and may record some URLs which we deem to have risks.

3. Information from any third party

To provide you with better, higher-quality, more personalized services, or provide services to you together with WeGee, or prevent Internet fraud, the affiliated companies and partners of WeGee will share your personal information with WeGee according to law, any agreement with you, or with your consent in advance.

You acknowledge and agree that any of the following information is not governed by this Policy:

a) Key words input by you when you use the search services of WeGee Platform;

b) Credit assessment, acts in violation of laws, regulations or the rules of WeGee, and measures taken by WeGee against you;

c) Enterprise name and other industrial and commercial registration information as well as information on natural persons as operators as required to be disclosed by laws and regulations.

三、我们如何使用信息(How We Use Information)

We collect your information for the purpose of providing you with services and improving the service quality. Therefore, we will use your information for the following purposes:

1. Various services you are using, as well as maintenance and improvement of these services;

2. Recommending to you any contents which you may be interested in, including but without limitation to sending product and service information to you, or displaying personalized third party promotion information to you through the system, or sharing information with the partners of WeGee with your consent in advance so that they send information about their products and services to you;

3. We may use your personal information to prevent, discover and investigate fraud, any act endangering security, illegal activity, or any other act which violates any agreement, policy or rule of us or any of our affiliated companies so as to protect the legitimate rights and benefits of you, any other user of us, us or any of our affiliated companies;

4. We may combine your personal information from one kind of service with information from any other kind of service so as to provide you with more personalized services, for example, use, share or disclose your personal information so as to provide you with broader society of friends;

5. Any other purpose as permitted by you.

四、我们如何共享信息(How We Share Information)

We’re obliged to keep your personal information confidential and will not sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party for the purpose of the marketing of the third party, provided that we may share your personal information with the third party under any of the following circumstances:

1. Obtaining your consent or authorization in advance;

2. As required by laws and regulations or administrative or judicial organ;

3. Sharing your personal information with any of the affiliated companies of WeGee;

4. Providing your personal information to reliable partners so that they could deal with such information according to our instructions, the privacy right policies and any other applicable confidentiality and safety measures;

5. If you’re an eligible complainant of intellectual property rights and file a complaint, disclosing your personal information to the complained as required by the complained so as to solve the potential dispute in time;

6. Only if we share your personal information, we could provide services as required by you or deal with any dispute between you and any third party. For example, with respect to a transaction created by you in WeGee, if either party performs all or part of his/her obligations and requires disclosure of information, WeGee will provide the party with the contact information of the counterparty and other necessary information (as the case may be) so as to boost the consummation of the transaction or solving of any dispute;

7. If you violate laws and regulations of Uninted States or related agreements or rules of WeGee, disclosing to any third party whenever necessary; or

8. Safeguarding legitimate rights and benefits of WeGee and its affiliated parties or users.

五、Cookie 和网络 Beacon 的使用(Use of Cookie and Beacon)

To provide you with easier experiences, when you access to relevant websites of WeGee Platform or use the services of WeGee Platform, we may identify your identity through small data files. In this way, we can help you omit inputting some existing registration information or judge the security of your account. These data files may be Cookie, Flash Cookie or local storage provided by your browser or affiliated application (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Cookie”).

Please understand that some of our services are only available through “Cookie”. If permitted by your browser or additional browser services, you may amend your degree of acceptance to Cookie or refuse Cookie of WeGee, which may influence your safe access to related websites of WeGee Platform or use of the services of WeGee Platform under certain circumstances.

There are often some electronic images (called “GIF files” or "iBeacon") in web pages. The use of iBeacon may help the website calculate the number of the users who browse web pages or access to certain cookies. We will use iBeacon to collect information on you browsing web pages, such as the address of web pages you’re visiting, position of the reference page you previously accessed to, the period during which you stop on the page, your browsing environment and display setup.

六、信息存储(Storage of Information)

Your personal information and data collected by WeGee will be stored in the servers of WeGee and (or) its affiliated companies. These information and data may be sent to the country or region where you’re located or the place where WeGee collects such information and data, and will be accessed, stored and displayed at such place.

七、您的个人信息保护(Protection of Your Personal Information)

To guarantee the security of your personal information and prevent it from being disclosed, damaged or lost, we will take physical, electronic and management measures to protect your information, including but without limitation to SSL, storage encryption and control over access to data center. We also strictly manage the employees or contractors who may access to your personal information, including but without limitation to adopting post-based capacity control, signing confidentiality agreements with them, and supervising their operation. WeGee will use all available technologies to protect your personal information and prevent your personal information from being disclosed, damaged or lost.

Your account has security protection function. Please keep your account and passwords properly. WeGee will take such security measures as backup in other servers and encryption of passwords to guarantee that your personal information will not be lost, misused or altered. Notwithstanding the said security measures, you are reminded that there is no “perfect security measures” in information network.

When you use the services of WeGee Platform to engage in online transactions, you will have to disclose your personal information to the counterparty or potential counterparty, such as way of contact or postal code. Please keep your personal information properly and only disclose to others when necessary. If you find that any of your personal information is disclosed, especially your account or password, please contact the customer service personnel of WeGee in time so that WeGee could adopt relevant measures.

八、未成年人保护(Juvenile Protection)

We will neither knowingly collect information on any juvenile nor advice any juvenile to use our services. Unless permitted by law and approved by the guardian, the juvenile may not register an account or send their name, address, telephone or email address to us. If we collect any information about the juvenile negligently, we will delete as soon as possible when we are aware.If you think that we might hold information from or on any juvenile, please contact us.

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